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This will be a Friends Only journal.

If we share some interests, or if you are also a gay man (+1 if you are a bear), I will likely add you. But remember that my LiveJournal will be my primary journal. So get a LiveJournal and add me there.
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I'm a LiveJournal loyalist; my LJ is the same username as here. DreamWidth seems to be the new LJ. The purpose of this journal will probably just be posting fanfic and writing I don't want to formally publish.

(Yes it's Yom Kippur and I am awake and not really doing anything. I'm going to go to the afternoon/evening services.)
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  1. Windy :: City! Chicago

  2. Left out :: Blue Monday (painting by Annie Lee)

  3. Hot dog :: Fourth of July

  4. Pop :: Fizzy drinks! Diet pepsi is my fave!

  5. Hunger :: A monster devouring you from within

  6. Square :: A unit square is a square where all sides are one (so...I take a lot of math classes. So what?)

  7. Unhinge :: Explode, as in temper

  8. *!#$ :: Comics

  9. Toenail :: In-grown (ouch!)

  10. Irritation :: Feh.

Play Subconscious Mutterings with me - get the code at Luna Niña!
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Friends Only

Please comment for an add.

(Maude banner made by me; House/Wilson friends only banner made by [livejournal.com profile] hirenkoi)

The posts on this journal may be offensive to you. Add at your own risk.


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