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22 Sep 2017 00:15
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I'm finally not miserable after 4 days. I wanted to kick myself for forgetting limitations, but then my ankles, particularly the left one, was too sore to do so.

Twenty-five years of an inflammatory arthritis left me with some resulting joint damage that even though the inflammation is gone, I still need to remember there are limits to what I can do. Tuesday I was faced with painting some paneling with polyurethane & the only pair of shoes I had that I didn't care if they got ruined was a pair of water shoes. Basically rubberized this soles attached to synthetic socks. No padding to speak of.

At the time I felt fine. I hadn't intended to keep wearing them, but I got distracted with the work on the remodel that was needed. Two crew people expected hadn't shown that morning and there's much to get done with the garage remodel before the rains come. What I thought would be 30-45 minutes with them on stretched to 6 or so hours over half of which was in the garage itself, on a cement slab.

What the hell was I thinking?

Point is I wasn't thinking. I wasn't in pain to start & by the time I began to notice my left ankle was bothering me, the insult had been done. Tuesday night it hurt to walk or stand.

I awoke at 6 Wednesday morning, bladder insisting i needed to trot down the hall. I stood up and down immediately had to sit my butt back down. Both ankles hurt laterally, but I was having trouble trying to bear weight on the left, it hurt so bad. My ankles weren't warm or swollen, they were sore. It was minimal until I tried to stand up and then I almost went down. My bladder then reminded me if I didn't attend to it's needs, i would shortly be peeing on the carpet.

Celebrex, Tylenol and a Norco left over from dental work 6 years ago was the only way I made it thru the day. I was improved by 50% this morning, finally tonight, I'm aware of my ankles, but able to get around with just the Celebrex.

The right shoes make a tremendous difference. Brooks makes running shoes specifically for people who pronate their feet. These are the only running shoes I use. The moment I put the on, if I'm hurting, the pain is immediately reduced. Between adequate cushioning (aka shock absorbtion) and the support changing the position of my foot for the better, off loading much of the stress on the lateral ankles in particular. They are game changers.

I'm surprised I'm feeling as good as I do right now given what I did to my myself Tuesday. Need the remember to engage the brain, before I put the feet in gear again.


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